Spring Semester 2023:

Spring 2023 Cadet Activation Dates have been finalized! All prospective cadets will be notified during their virtual in-processing session of activation day requirements.

Where: 2nd Floor, Military Science Building, Colorado State University

When: January 12th, 0900-1200

Who: SP23 Prospective Cadets

What do you need for Activation Day?

  • Birth Certificate (original)
  • Social Security Card (original, signed)
  • Selective Service Number (males 18+)
  • AFROTC Form 28 Sports Physical (If incomplete, bring with you the date of your scheduled appointment)
  • Academic Schedule showing that you have registered for AS Class and LLAB (print out from RAMWeb)
  • Wings Username/Password.  Pro-tip: Ensure your Wings password is updated and you can login the day prior  
  • Report any past offenses, violations of law or ordinance, or any other adverse involvements with civil, military, or school authorities (if applicable)
    • All documentation (citations etc.) will need to be uploaded in WINGs during your activation day session (if applicable and not previously uploaded)
  • Uniform Information (shirt size)
  • JROTC / CAP / Eagle Scout / Girl Scout Certification (if applicable and not previously uploaded)
  • Laptop
  • A parent or guardian (if under 18)