Life as a Det 90 Cadet

At Detachment 90 you are not just a cadet, you are a student pursuing a degree and living the college lifestyle. Students in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) program have the opportunity to participate in clubs and organizations or work part time while pursuing a commission in the United States Air Force or United States Space Force.


Time Commitment

Six to Seven Hours per Week Scheduled Academics and Training

  • Aerospace Studies (AS) Class
    • One Credit Hour (Freshman and Sophomores): Class meets one time per week (50 minutes)
    • Three Credit Hours (Juniors and Seniors): Class meets two times per week (one hour 15 minutes)
  • Professional Military Training (PMT)
    • Leadership Laboratory (LLAB): two hours, one time a week
    • Physical Training (PT) with the Cadet Wing: one hour, three times a week

Co-Curricular Involvement

We encourage cadets to get involved on campus in areas they are passionate about.  In addition to pursuing a commission in the Air Force or Space Force, current cadets are involved in numerous extracurricular opportunities at Colorado State University including student government, organization officers, and members of sports teams.