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AAS PatchCaptain Mark Giles Danielson Squadron "The Warrior Who Cultivates His Mind Polishes His Arms"

The Captain Mark Giles Danielson Squadron at Colorado State University and University of Northern Colorado is an honorary, professional, service organization affiliated with Air Force ROTC Detachment 090.  All members are in the ROTC program and have completed an intense training program, which consists of training in uniform wear, customs and courtesies, attention to detail, professionalism, and physical training.  Once in the organization, members have the opportunity to take large leadership roles at the squadron level, area level, or national level.

AAS Cadet Inspecting



At the national level, a Cadet Brigader General  is the national commander and presides over the organization, and General Bundy, our organization's advisor oversees operations.  From there, the country is broken into areas, then into squadrons.  We are in Area VIII, and included in our area are cadets from the University of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah and several additional universities.  Each year, we have an area conclave in the fall, and a national conclave in the Spring.  In Spring 2009, we will be traveling to Pheonix, AZ for our conference, where we conduct business meetings, meet distinguished guests, meet up with fellow cadets, and have the opportunity to go up for several awards. 

This past year, on the national level we won the Hagan Trophy for the most outstanding medium squadron and the Pheonix Award for the best overall service projects in the nation. On the area level we won the Outstanding Squadron and Outstanding Squadron Staff Officer.  This year, we hope to do just as well!AAS POW MIA  Hats

To be a member, you must be enrolled in ROTC and, as stated earlier,  complete an intense training program.  However, all of the members of AAS can assert to the amazing amount of learning, team building, and life skills that develop during the program.  Our cheer is "aarrrgggghhhh!" and it reflects our great pride for being in Arnold Air, and we know that each member of our organization can be trusted and will be a great resource in our future Air Force careers.