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Spring 2017
Fall 2016

Recruiters Assistance Program (RAP)
The purpose of the Recruiter Assistance Program (RAP) at an AFROTC Detachment is to permit former AFROTC graduates to work with the AFROTC Detachment RFC by returning to their graduating school and providing personal testimonials, assisting in school visits, and performing other recruiting-related tasks. Participation in the program is entirely voluntary. As a participant in the RAP program, you will be granted up to 12 days of non-chargeable leave. You should expect to perform a full workday of recruiting duties during each duty day of non-chargeable leave. The specific hours worked and duties to be performed will be determined by your AFROTC Detachment RFC and may include evening and/or weekend duty. You will be expected to display a professional military appearance, positive and enthusiastic attitude, and exemplary personal conduct at all times.

We Are All Recruiters (WEAR)
WEAR is a permissive TDY program open to active duty Airmen. Participation in the WEAR program is limited to events where Airmen are directly speaking to potential applicants or influencers about Air Force opportunities.  Please contact the Detachment 90 Recruiting Flight Commander about upcoming recruiting events and potential participation. Airmen who wish to take PTDY under the WEAR program must submit a request package to the Detachment Recruiting Flight Commander no more than 45 days prior to the event. The package must include a WEAR request memorandum and AFRS Form 10.

Alumni Interest Survey
If you are interested in coming back as a guest speaker, be a mentor, participate in the programs listed above, or detachment memorabilia, please complete the survey at the following link